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one-time payment of $197 USD
two monthly payments of $99 USD
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 What You Get:
  •  A new Challenge-approved meal plan with grocery list and recipes for every week of the month - so you don't have to do the work
  •  New Workouts so you can progress as you get fitter and stay motivated!
  •  4 weeks of Holy Crap Delicious Meal Plans (Omnivore + Vegetarian + Vegan)
  •  HIIT and Strength Training Home Training Program
  •  Time Saving Meal Prep System, Family Friendly Cookbook, Exercises for Sore Knees & Wrists, Snack Solution ebook, Dining Out Guide +DIY Success Manual 
  •  BONUS: Flat Belly Strong Core Program
  •   BONUS: Hardcopy of my new book "Healthy As F*ck"
  •   24/7 Support from a Master Trainer and Nutrition Expert.
  •  TOTAL VALUE: $2736

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