You Are About To Change 16 Lives
Yours + The Fifteen People You Are Providing With Clean Water
You Are About To Change 16 Lives
Yours + 15 People You Are Providing With Clean Water
Who's my newest West End badass...?
Payment Information
$39 Trial + 13% HST
+ Precision Nutrition Coaching

TERMS & CONDITIONS:: By claiming your $39 trial, you will get everything we've got to give for 30 days and you'll be providing fifteen people with clean water! To see the best results on your sweet bod, you will want to plan to attend every session. At the end of your trial, we are going to send you an email to make sure you want to continue with us at our regular monthly rates. If not, you just email back and say 'no thanks!' and we won't bill your card after this trial month. Click the button above to agree, and get started with your West End Bootcamp trial!

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Expiry Month:
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What happens after the $39 trial?
After your trial month, Bootcamp membership will continue at our regular rates until you email us to cancel. We will email you to remind you when your trial is up and you can can cancel anytime.
I have an existing injury/condition. Will the trainer be able to modify for me?
Yup! If you tell us what your doctor's guidelines are, we can work within them. (That's why you pay to have a top trainer's eye on you, instead of just doing YouTube vids)
Am I too old/out of shape?
Nah. Our Bootcampers range in age from their 20s to their 60s. The incredibly fit and the just getting started. Everyone is challenged to the best of their abilities. There's no pressure to 'keep up'. 
What happens next?
As soon as you register, you'll be sent an email from me with the details of where to meet your trainer!
Still have questions? Don't be shy! hit the chat box below! :)
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